rehabilitation and renovation

Aging in Place

There are several modifications that can be made to a home to make it user friendly for those wishing to remain in their home for as long as possible. Changes in plumbing fixtures are some of the more frequent requests. Weather it's adding some grab bars or a higher commode. Little changes can mean a lot. Widening doors and building access ramps make homes accessible to guests as well as residents and employees. From stair lift chairs to ADA compliant fixtures, if you have a particular need lets get together and discuss the many options available to you.

Rehabilitation & Repair

The majority of our work is rehabilitating and repairing houses for mobility-impaired seniors and veterans. In a typical week, we rebuild or replace 2-3 entire kitchens or bathrooms, from rotting support joists up through the ceiling (to a leaking roof). We enhance accessibility, redesign 

kitchens and bathrooms, make ADA modifications, improve quality of life, and reseal building envelopes. 

Renovation & Home Makeovers

Before & After photos above

Even as our crews dedicate themselves to  improving life quality through grant funded work, we continuously rehabilitate investment properties for our investor clients and service individual homeowners. We understand the importance of each home renovation, and we operate with the confidence that we have overcome virtually every obstacle...probably just last week!

Renovation in Atlanta


OK, that's just a fancy word for windows and doors. Every year we replace thousands of them.

There are many window & door companies out there but getting the right window is only a part of a real solution. How the window is installed and ensuring proper surrounding structure is critical to proper, lasting performance.

Make sure that you get what you are really paying for: a properly sealed and insulated envelope. Most window failures are due to faulty installation, not a material defects and just like a strong house depends on a sound foundation, a window or door is only as durable and effective as the surrounding structure.

Going Green & Saving Money

 The building envelope is the physical barrier between the interior and exterior of a structure. Our primary specialty lies in separating people and controlled environments separated from the elements.  Whether preventing thermal intrusion (air and energy leaks) or water intrusion (from roof leaks to groundwater flooding) or correcting an existing or developed problem, FG Miller & Sons has you covered. Most of our interior repair work and exterior concrete work is related to envelope issues. We certainly handle a fair share of interior plumbing leaks and ADA access issues, but few things are as costly and/or catastrophic as envelope failures, which is why prevention and early intervention are vital to a building’s health

Additions (Inside & Out)

While there are many ways to add living space to your home, adding or expanding a deck, and building out a basement or bonus room are common and cost effective.

Decks take advantage of your outdoor space, come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made of many different materials. We do complete deck design, construction and repair to meet your budget. While we understand the importance of managing project costs, we never yield on safety. As a licensed contractor, we ensure that the decks we install meet code, and are safe for their intended use.

Our business is solving problems and fulfilling dreams. Whether you have growing pains or need an appropriate space for your aging parents, often that additional space is right beneath your feet. Finishing out a basement is an economical way to give you the space you need and we can provide you with cost effective options that won’t break the bank.

Licensed Georgia contractor working with investors. While renovation in Atlanta is our primary business, we also work with investors that flip houses in Atlanta and surrounding counties.