Commercial & Concrete

COMMERCIAL We understand business management and commercial property improvement, rehabilitation, and general repair. While we regularly handle large projects, our clients depend upon us for responsive, quality, affordable work on jobs of all sizes. Below are a few of the services that we perform, accommodating our client’s schedules and needs. Installing and repairing physical security elements like door locks, fencing, and window bars, Complete interior build-out services, renovation, remediation, and repairs, Building envelope expansion, augmentation, and repair, including sealing, painting, window and door replacement and repair,  Accessibility modifications, including ramps, modifying doorways, hallways, bathrooms, environmental controls, and code requirement modifications. Hardscape installation, modification, and repair relating to concrete.   It is not uncommon for our clients to request that we perform work off business hours and restore the environment before business hours begin each day.   Our commercial clients rely on FG Miller & Sons as the go to single source for dependable, affordable, and responsive services of all scopes and sizes.  You are protected by our liability insurance, we are members of E-Verify, and every worker on our site is covered by Workers’ Comp Insurance. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. 

CONCRETE In addition to ADA compliant walkways, ramps, and stairs, we provide engineered solutions and repair work for both commercial and residential projects. Our typical residential projects include driveway or walkway repair or replacement, new or extended patios, and structural reinforcement. Routine commercial projects like new poured slab and parking, slab and walkway/parking reinforcement or repair, storm water runoff corrections, curbing and gutters, and stabilizing or level patch work. We provide quality concrete work with the best skilled finishers. We will not compromise on quality of materials or workmanship but we specialize in keeping costs down. A large garage or driveway slab that has settled may be a safety hazard, a structural liability, or just a cosmetic issue affecting value or marketability. We can saw cut and remove just a section or the entire area you want replaced and have our experienced crew of carpenters and finishers form, pour and finish the concrete.  If you would like to add some flair to your project try a brick border, stamped flatwork or maybe just some color. We do it all with minimal invasiveness, on time, and within budget.